Monday, July 19, 2010

random jabber 2

Am on mission....

Mission: MAKE-ROOM-TIDY...

yea i know what u're thinking u prick, but before KEEP comes MAKE, geez stop critically analysing my post.

Anyway.. Saw too many shoes lying around...

"ah this needs to get sorted" i said...

"Why?" u ask??...

well since u asked, i shall explain,

It is a known fact that.....
Me foot = big
big foot = big shoe = large area covered
'x' pairs of shoes = (x * 2 * area of foot)... Let this variable be called 'y'
(Area of room - y) = (Free space in moi room)

To increase the (Free Space in moi room)... 'y' must be decreased (cos Area of the room is a constant)

To decrease 'y' one must
a) reduce area of the foot.... can't chop my foot off so PLAN A is shit.
b) decrease 'x'..... cant throw my shoes away.. thats just inhumane... so PLAN B is shite as well.

So bought a shoe rack the other day...

Walked to the market after a whole day of university...

Spent some time with Groovy (for ppl new to my blog... shes my house mate) putting it together...bless my landlord for leaving his toolbox here...

Has come to the conclusion, shoes were not the biggest of issues.

Well... some geeky old man said "every failure is a step closer to success".

A sharp retort from another geeky old man, who said "success is not the key to happiness".

This post concludes:
My room is still a mess. :(
Algebra does not solve all problems.... neither do shoe racks. :S
but atleast i
am happy. :)