Wednesday, August 26, 2009


#1 - you do not talk about this to anybody!
#2 - you DO NOT talk about this to ANYBODY!!!
#3 - If someone says stop, goes limp, taps out... reading stops.
#4 - One person to this post... if u have a conjoint twin cut him off!
#5 - "No shirts, no shoes".................. :) ;) :P
#6 - If this is your first time in this blog, you have to read.

okay then.. if the above mentioned terms and conditions are acceptable to you ladies (dont bother with #5.... no seriously..dont!) n gentlemen you may proceed.

Okay, buckle up.. im gonna tell you about the day i gave my Driver's License test.

Now lets 'be kind, rewind' a month before the Big Day.

After i finished my 20 classes with Pansitis (my driving instructor, refer "Too Fast Too Furious In Yo Swift" for a recap) I had to leave town to do my journal work back at my university. I returned home after a month and it was time for me to give the test... In the mean time i never found the time (or the car) to practice the 'art' of driving.
All jittery i go see my cousin who recently got his DL, n he assures me its E-zee!

"See 3 are taken in the car.. one drives straight, the other takes a U-turn and the 3rd drives the baby back.. voila! all of us have DLs!"..... he said.

i tell myself 'You can do that!' i mean Pansitis wasn THAT bad either :P..... or was he? *dhan dhan dhan dhaaaaaan!!*

Begins like any other day... except
a) I wake up before i hear my name being YELLED!
b)I not only make breakfast but even eat a little (i HATE breakfasts... mostly cos im pissed with the world for waking me up... morning is like 'mourning' to me... im an insomniac, i treasure sleep).
Anyway coming back... so I dress up in neat jeans and t-shirt with a not-too-low-not-too-high neck. Mom wishes me luck as i wait for the elevator to reach the 2nd floor... she has the solider's-mommy look and i have the first-day-of-school look. Dad decided to drive me to the RajajiNagar RTO cos thats where i was registered... on the way he gives me tips on how to crack the DL-T cos well like all dads he is a superb driver. I listen to some of it, simultaneously Hollywood Car chase scenes flash in my mind.. glass shattering, tyres screeching, metal ramming, air bag popping... sound effects n all!
We reach and i hope i have inherited the driving-genes from dad rather than buttons-scare-me-genes from mom (she says she was a good driver... but i dont ever remember her driving.. so makes me wonder why).
Anyway i take my Learner's Permit and documents n go see the man who checks all of it... i assume hes the guy whos gonna be testing me (which he wasn) into Ms.Goody-two-shoes (which isn too hard).. I begin n end every sentence with 'sir' n he calls me 'madam' while the men get a scrowl about how they have grass rotting in their skull.... im the only girl giving the test that day among 22 men.
Anyway after we all have our documents checked another tiny chatty man comes n tells us all to get our vehicles and come to Peenya grounds.... now i panic because firstly i dont possess a vehicle, secondly Peenya is like the North Pole and finally.... did he just say A GROUND!!!! whatever happened to straight ---> U ---> straight?? But then ground could mean no traffic (no glass shattering, no tyres screeching, no metal ramming and no air bag popping), also Peenya... how many people could be living there right? so lesser audience.

Since i was the only girl who was staring into space while the panic ran through my mind... the lil chatty guy brought an ancient Maruti 800 owned by some "Sri Devi Driving School" to take me and a few other guys there. Now among these guys was one Mr.Enthu Cutlet (a local slang for a lad with a fly up his rectum). I get the front seat (after lil chatty guy swears at Enthu-cutlet for pushing us all aside to sit ahead... finally he had to stuff himself with 3 other men behind... did i mention in a maruti 800??) I thanked myself for missing the Y chromosome :D

After 45 minutes..... 3 under construction fly overs...... 8 dusty lanes....... 10 cows........ and a game of street cricket, we reach the Peenya Grounds.

Peenya Grounds:
Picture a stadium where Man-U is playing Liverpool..... now shrink that picture 10 times. Add a lot more inappropriate people in randomly yet multi coloured checked shirts, few fake signals, traffic sign posts, round-abouts, slopes, fake gardens and sharp turns.... also a stage at one corner with 3 officers on microphones yelling out names and numbers (and sometimes results when the geniuses forget the microphone is on............ "Manjunatha... FAIL'oo!").


I become a zombie and follow everybody else from my car onto the stage. The mood is like in a concentration camp and its the last scene of "The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas".... the officer checks my documents again and assigns me a number (4). I wait as 1, 2 and 3 (who by the way is Mr.Enthu Cutlet) get done.. Turns out Enthu was giving the test for the 5th time.. passed this time.. promised the entire crowd a Chicken Biryani lunch... My breakfast almost regurgitated at the mention of food... also the fact that i was next to be tested nudged it closer.
I sit in the driver's seat. Little chatty guy says he would help and it will be easy and tells me to take off my shoes- wear the seat belt- and breathe!.. As is get ready i realise what a big change this car was from the Swift i learnt in..
This car was an antique piece where the levers followed the All-or-none law and were dangerously hypermobile... while the steering wheel wasn!
Anyway i sit in, buckle up and am all ready to Vroom (in 1st gear...cos well we're not allowed to change any).
The lil chatty guy talks me through it, i go straight.. take a left... drive up the slope--- take a sharp left--- drive a little--- take a left and go down the slope--- take another left and complete the round-about---- get out of there into a bifurcation where i had to choose the lane which dint flash the "NO ENTRY" sign--- drive straight stop, put the car into reverse gear--- drive zig zag in reverse--- turn into the next lane in reverse--- back to 1st gear and drive down and parallel park!

Now lemme tell you the finer details of how it happened:
I go straight ("go fast go fast")... take a left... drive up the slope--- take a sharp left ("Woah!")--- drive a little ("slow down"....... the car stops, all or none law... i mutter something and restart it)--- take a left and go down the slope-- take another left and complete the round about ("Aaaaaah dont touch the grass!! careful"... i dint.)--- get out of there into the bifurcation, choose the right lane--- drive straight, stop, (chatty guy gets out and says "ok put it in reverse and listen to me.. when i say right go right and when i say left go left"...duh!... so i put it in reverse only to realise the damn lever is so hypermobile, when put in reverse brings the lever between my legs!) and start uncomfortably driving back but the car dies and i take a breath, restart--- go zig zag perfectly--- turn into the next lane in reverse--- back to 1st gear and drive down--- parallel park ("yea a little left no right no left left!!")

I get out... chatty guy says i did good but the car died twice, not a good sign.... i hmmm and walk up the stage....the officer looks at me and says "you can drive..but your car broke down twice... u just need some practice... come back in 10 days... practice ok?? you'l get your license"

By this time i really din't give a shit :P... i mean yea he was right i did have no practice and well i do have the worst luck sometimes (WHAT HAPPENED TO STRAIGHT-U-STRAIGHT!!?!?!) :D :D :D.. I told the officer i would see him in 10 Days, flashed him my brightest smile and took half an hour to find my way to a main road to get myself an autorickshaw to take me home.

In 10 Days:
I was up in the Himalayas Trekking in a land far far away from Peenya Grounds... walkin 13 kms a day... telling myself blah who needs a car! There r too many people i know who claim to "LOVE driving"... the world needs people like Me, who "LOVE walkin and being driven if necessary" :P

Hmmm So yea i flunked my DL test... in India.. although it wasn as easy as it usually is said to be... but i flunked it.. and i do regret it but not as much as i should.... may be in 2 years if/when i'm back from UK, i shall probably then have my straight - U - Straight test... the one i should have had! :P

Sunday, August 23, 2009


okay i know its been long since i spilt my guts out in front of ya'l. But fear not.. im back again all ready to regurgitate or otherwise.


a) im still unemployed, by choice. Apparently the hospitals want us to sign a bond that says "I give u full permission to whoop my ass for ATLEAST a year before i say 'I QUIT!'"

b) The patients i do see are friends of parents, neighbours who have heard i'm a physiotherapist and assume i don't need to be paid, relatives who've seen me since i was a baby n believe in the Barter system ("oh ill take u for ice cream for doing this")..... but then again, doesn't really matter as yet, atleast i get to do some real work instead of Facebooking all day.

c) I got into the Sheffield Hallam university in UK which i am supposed to join on 16th September 2009 so a) can shove it where the sun dont shine.

d) my University guys lost ("misplaced")my visa letter that they were to send me in july, somewhere between Hyderabad and United Kingdom.... finally got it on 9th August.

e) while my visa letter was sunk at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (??? i think..) i utilized the time up trekking on the Himalayas till August 10th... ("when life gives you lemons, add tequila n salt" a wise man once said.. or was it SMSed?)

f) i have applied for my UK visa 20 days ago and i am still waiting for it, i'm supposed to fly on the 10th so.... lets just say Barney Stintson and a multitaskin friend working at HP help me cope up with my insomnia.

g) i never really enjoyed living at home in Bangalore, mostly because the only friends i had here were in school and college and now that i dont go to any, ive spent my last few months clinging onto my 11th-12th std friend whoz comin along to UK with me.

h) Thanks to her, i met some of the most awesome people who made me wish i'd done engineering (yes.. for once the reason isn't that they're buying cars while i am taking loans) and looked like just another person in the family... (psst psst my ENTIRE family is saturated with techies.... im not different, im special :P)

i) I'm hoping to get my visa soon cos i cannot wait to write about living with the British :)